I am privileged to be the father of three amazing kids, Taylor (21), Kyla (18), and Katelyn (16). These three kiddos are the products of the love Maureen and I shared over almost 25 years of marriage, prior to her passing after an on-and-off 11 year battle with breast cancer on the morning of October 21, 2014.

In addition to the opportunity I had to present at Susan G. Komen’s 2017 Big Data 4 Breast Cancer event in Menlo Park, Kyla has chosen to step up to the fight with breast cancer with Susan G. Komen as well. Her big brother’s #onething has been his passion for Habitat for Humanity, Kyla has chosen Komen and the #boldgoal as her #onething to honor her mom. She tells her story, her mom’s story, the story of #pinkkids, and how “Everyone Deserves to Grow Up With a Mom”, in this Real Pink podcast with Susan G. Komen (hosted by Suzanne Stone, former Executive Director, Komen Austin).

Kyla has also created a site that tells the story of #pinkkids… join her and other kids here.

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