Habitat for Humanity began working in Thailand in the northeastern province of Udon Thani in 1998. Since July 2007, Habitat Thailand has been operating through its national office in Bangkok and zone offices located in the north, northeast, central and south.

As a student at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Taylor Thompson took the next step in his journey with Habitat for Humanity and participated in his fist Global Village Build in late April 2017. It was his “senior project,” a part of the curriculum at St. Andrew’s prior to graduation. The timing and the location of the build in Udon Thani could not have been more perfect, starting on what would have been his late mom’s 53rd birthday. Following are is a blog post with a glimpse into a few of Taylor’s days on the way to and in Thailand.

Journey to Thailand | Senior Project 2017 | St. Andrew’s Episcopal School