On Mother’s Day 2020, I was reflecting. I would not have the privilege of being a father without this amazing mom and my beautiful bride. Just like on Maureen’s birthday a few weeks back on April 28, days like Mother’s Day expose the void of her passing because of metastatic breast cancer.

For those that follow our story, you know Taylor, Kyla, and Katelyn fill that void and honor their mom’s legacy by finding and expressing their #onething. In the words of a good friend that leads an awesome service organization in Austin, “they honor their mom through service.” ❤️❤️

Taylor’s love expressed through Habitat for Humanity and Kyla’s passion with #pinkkids and her Senior Project with Susan G. Komen are now joined by Katelyn’s efforts announced on Mother’s Day. Maureen represented many things as a mother. Amazing architect; style and grace in a struggle not of her choosing (breast cancer) and family, both the family of her birth and the one we created together. Katelyn has chosen Ronald McDonald House Charities in Central Texas to honor her mom’s love of family.

As Katelyn notes, “Mother’s Day is not just about my mom, but also about family, because family was everything to my mom. My mom endured her cancer with elegance and grace, not letting it stand in her way. She dealt with chemotherapy, treatments, surgeries, all so that she could have another day with my siblings and I. Her family.

“My RaiseLove campaign is part of my #onething because the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) represent families. With your contributions, we can Adopt-A-Room at the Ronald McDonald House here in Austin.